Who We Are

Conau Global is a global investment company; our investments are in insurance, banking, pension management, financial services, restaurants, real estate and hospitality businesses. We operate an airline, Axiom Air and operate in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors as well as in the mining sector.


Conau Global is about communities, the community of our customers, our investors and our employees. In a world of differences, we celebrate the things that make us one human race as we protect and grow value in a responsible and sustainable way.


Conau Global Inc. is an investment company with a mission to create a better world through sustainable investments across industries, communities and nations. Our mission is defined by our commitment to create value for our stakeholders and a legacy for our community and the world, it is anchored on the commitment of our staff, partners and customer to the vision of a just and fair world.


Our values are centered on trust; the trust of our investors, our customers, and our employees. The trust of our brand and it's value to the world.

What We Do

Conau Global is an investment company; we buy, invest in and develop companies in multiple industries. Our investments have been in insurance, banking, pension management and other financial services.

Conau Global has developed an extensive real estate and property portfolio in both prime and subprime markets consisting of an offering of low, medium and luxury housing as well as a world class hospitality brand.

We own and operate Frenchies restaurants which we intend to transform in an Africa wide franchise offering a wide selection of African and imported coffees, chocolate, pastry, ice-cream and chocolate products. We operate an airline, Axiom Air and operate in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors as well as mining sectors.

Our Strategy

Conau Global Inc. owns controlling stake in a number of publicly traded companies, with the planned merger and emergence as a public company, Conau Global will continue its goal of becoming a leading investment vehicle to expand it's investment portfolio and diversify its operations and acquiring equity in various companies across Africa.

Conau Global Inc has heavily invested in the insurance sector, owing a number of insurance companies across three African countries. Conau Global is an investor in Housing, hospitality and other key sectors in Africa. Our investments are driven by the desire to solve the investment deficit in Africa, provide jobs for the teeming unemployed youth in Africa, contribute to meeting the SDG goals and creating value for our shareholders, our goal is to expand our investments in the various sectors of our portfolio across Africa.

We plan to offer the leading African hotel brand in Israel offering accommodation to pilgrims and food through an African food brand. Our real estate investments are planned to be transformational and inspiring across Africa, while addressing the huge housing deficits on the continent. Special emphasis will be laid on agriculture as we develop not only farms but invest on transformation industries.

The group intends to acquire and hold assets in an expanding list of insurance companies across Africa with the aim of building the single largest insurance franchise on the continent of Africa.

Our Journey So Far

Conau Global Inc. began in 1996 as Conau Limited, an engineering company specializing in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering services, survey and building construction then grew to own some of Africa’s oldest and trusted publicly traded insurance companies, banks, a leading airline, food franchise chain, real estate companies and hotels across several African countries.

From our humble beginnings, we have moved our very prestigious Wall-Street headquarters in New York as we continue to build a truly global company.

Board of directors

Meet the team

Engineer Cyril O U Ajagu

Engineer Cyril O U Ajagu

Board Chairman


Gloria Bozeman Herndon

Dr. Gloria Bozeman Herndon



Babara B. Guibord, Esq

Babara B. Guibord, Esq.


Barry Pomerantz

Barry Pomerantz